Teaching Statement

My foremost objectives as an instructor are (i) to enable students to see the bearing and applicability of philosophy to their everyday lives and (ii) to foster students' confidence in their ability to succeed at philosophy while (iii) helping to improve their abilities to read, write, speak, and think clearly and critically about philosophical ideas. To achieve these objectives, I use a goal-based approach that focuses on maximising student motivation via environment, expectancy, and value.

A full teaching statement can be found here.

A summary of my recent teaching evaluations can be found here.

Sample Syllabi

Artificial Intelligence and the Value-Alignment Problem.
Philosophy on the Spectrum: Philosophy of Autism and Autistic Philosophy.
Philosophical Questions Through a Cinematic Lens I: AI in Science Fiction.
Intelligence, Natural and Artificial: Philosophical Implications of AI.
Evolutionary Explanations of Communication.
Introduction to Symbolic Logic.

Teaching Experience

University of California, Irvine

Spring 2018 • Inductive Logic, teaching assistant

Winter 2018 • Introduction to Linguistics, teaching assistant

Autumn 2017 • Acquisition of Language, teaching assistant

Spring 2017 • Inductive Logic, teaching assistant

Winter 2017 • Probability and Statistics for Economics, teaching assistant

Simon Fraser University

Winter 2016 • Critical Thinking, teaching assistant

Autumn 2015 • Critical Thinking, teaching assistant

Winter 2015 • Critical Thinking, teaching assistant

Autumn 2014 • Introduction to Ethics, teaching assistant

Guest Lectures

University of California, Irvine

"Language and Cognition", Acquisition of Language (Linguistics/Psychology), 1 Dec. 2017.